Steam Hardware & Software Survey: June reveals some interaction facts

Steam release its Hardware & Software Survey: June 2016. It’s always an interesting to see what are using by gamers and who is holding which market.

Steam Hardware & Software Survey June 2016

Starting with the operating system and here Windows 10 finally take 1st place betting Windows 7. According to the survey, 40.53% of gamers are using Windows 10 with a DX12-capable GPU. Also, 29% of gamers are using a DX12-capable GPU but with an older version of Windows (8.1, 8, 7 or Vista).

As allows the GPU segment is dominating by NVIDIA with 56.71% and AMD down to 25.14%. Still quite of few gamers in Intel HD with 17.77%. The CPU market also not changed Intel holding 77.17% and AMD only has 22.83%. Sadly, the core count for CPUs are 47.76% 2 Core and 45.62% in Quad Core, only 4.56% users are using higher CPU with more than four cores.

This time, Steam includes VR Headsets in its hardware survey, which is leading by HTC VIVE with 66% flowed by 27.75% Oculus Rift and 6.25% by Oculus Rift DK2. It clearly shows that HTC VIVE is more popular and widely accepted among two.