SteamVR beta has been updated, now lets you skin your controllers in VR

Steam’s new VR beta now lets you skin your controllers in VR, allowing Steam VR (HTC Vive) users to use different skins for their motion controllers for any game which uses the default controller model.

skin for controllers in VR
Right now the only working alternative model for the HTC Vive controller is Horned Controller model that was created by a Valve employee, though several VR users are already working on their own skins like the Aperture Science themed controller that shown below. Hope to see more skins in coming months.

skin for controllers in VR 1

The SteamVR beta has been updated with the following changes:

  • Added support for skinning controller and base station (or camera) models. Skins can be downloaded from the workshop. They will work in the dashboard and in any application that uses the default controller models.
  • Added automatic firmware recovery for controllers and wireless receivers. Recovery will initiate when SteamVR starts and detects a malfunctioning device connected over USB.