Superflower Announces the Upcoming “Double Forward Platform” for their PSUs

Super Flower, a global leader in PC gaming power supplies (and whose designs are used by a multitude of PSU manufacturers ranging anywhere from 80+ Bronze to 80+ Platinum rated power supplies), today announced its upcoming double forward 80+ Bronze product line, with available wattages ranging from 400W to 850W, with the 750W , 800 W and 850 W also being available in semi-modular options. Super Flower’s own innovative layout design with optimized & refined topology includes various first grade and high-quality components, on products with power ratings of 400W / 450W / 500W / 550W / 600W / 650W / 700W / 750W / 800W and 850W.

Component list:

  • USA Fairchild 4800 Main PWM & PFC Controller IC
  • Germany Infineon High Performance PWM and PFC MOSFET
  • Japan Fujitsu Relay (First to introduce in Double Forward Layout)
  • European STMicroelectronics Fast Recovery Diode
  • Taiwan Mospec Low VF Schottky
  • Patented Transformer (Semi-Winding, High-Power Transformer)
  • Taiwan Teapo High Voltage 105℃ Capacitors
  • (Exclusive Specification and Packaging Offer to Super Flower and OEM Customer)
  • Uncluttered Layout Design with Optimized Airflow and Heat Dissipation Following Super Flower Tradition.

Equipped with the above components, Superflower’s upcoming bronze series will deliver outstanding performance and reliability with cost-effective prices to become the mainstream option in the 80+ Bronze markets. Initial model will be mainstream 450W with launch date at Q1~Q2 2017, this product line will be available to Super Flower OEM customers.

Super Flower is the leading power supply supplier in LLC topology and will create another milestone using its own innovative design double forward topology.