Swiftech unveiled the new Apogee XL2 CPU Water Block

Swiftech unveiled the second-generation of its flagship CPU water-blocks, the Apogee XL2. These blocks are built by a clear acrylic top and features an RGB multi-color LED illumination on a Swiftech logo in the center.


Swiftech redesigned the coolant channel to have reduced flow restriction compared to the previous generation Apogee XL block by 5%. Swiftech is including its Iris RGB LED controller that will allow users to program the LED. Swiftech also including a tube of Apogee HD thermal past with it.


The block supports G1/4 fittings. The Apogee XL2 supports all modern CPU socket types, including LGA2011x, LGA115x, LGA1366, AM3(+), and FM2(+). The new Apogee XL2 block will cost $49.95 US, and $44.95 without the Iris module.