Telltale Games upcoming Batman game will have a “very upgraded” engine

Telltale Games have announced that their upcoming Batman game will have a “very upgraded” engine, which will be a significant step up from both a technical and creative perspective.

Batman 1

The game will have 5 episode series, that will allow you to play as both Bruce Wayne and Batman, with some stages allowing you to choose who you play as. As Batman, you can choose whether or not to use violence or mercy when engage someone, whereas as Bruce your choices will be much more dialogue based.

Info on Batman:

Why make a Batman game? There are plenty of games where you feel like Batman – this gives you insight on Bruce.

What is the split between Bruce and Batman in the story? They are pushing for more Bruce than typical games (compared to movies; fair share of both)

How will the game handle playing as Bruce/Batman? Sometimes, you get to directly choose playing as either Bruce or Batman in a scene.

When does the game release? This Summer

What choices do you make? As Batman, you can decide between violence or mercy when confronting someone. As both Bruce/Batman, you have lots of power in being able to shape what the city looks like, your friendships, etc.

What will the style of the game be like? Telltale will embrace their own style/identity. They are aiming for an M rating. It won’t be photorealistic – it will use a comic art style. Expect something similar to Wolf.

How will the Telltale engine be? “Very upgraded” from past Telltale games. More significant step up from past games on a technical/creative level than previous ttg games. Premiering lots of “new” TTG stuff in Batman.

What villains are in the game? No comment from Telltale for now.

How Telltale responds to criticisms from lots of work: They have grown a lot, currently have 350 people. Had 70 people around Season 1. Built to have four full projects at once, growing quick is hard but they reached end goal, you will see Telltale settling in this year. You will see “episodes coming out on time,” new technology will “finally blossom.” They aim to make Telltale feel more like a movie studio than a game company – they look to Netflix, HBO, etc

How many episodes? Typical five episode series.