Test Your Skills – Quake Champions Large-Scale Test Starts from May 12

If you are so interested to see that all the fuss about regarding those legendary Quake games, ID software has covered you up! in looking for more knowledge on how to going with smooth line up on its game and servers, the game developers has decided to asking you for sign up the challenge, which you can do at their website. Even though there has been a closed beta already for close to a month, if you didn’t make it, now is your chance.

The technical test will start from 12 May and ends on 21 May and during this period of time, you will be able to play anytime throughout the testing period. In the game, you’ll find three type of game modes the Beta testers have already driven into their minds and quick trigger fingers – DM, TDM & Duel. However, ID Software is debuting another, fourth mode, Sacrifice, which pits two teams with four players each. Expect some nuances on the details of this game mode’s working, but if an image is worth a thousand words, a trek through the game should be worth slightly more than that.