The PC Gaming Show is back for 2016

The PC Gaming Show is coming back for E3 2016. Last year the show had over 800,000 viewers and many PC gaming industries bigshots like AMD, Microsoft, Blizzard has participated on the show. Also there are a lot of exclusive announcements like Gears of War Ultimate Edition on PC and much more. Hopefully this year’s PC gaming show will just as good as last year, also there should more interesting announcements and reveals.

     “With the help of all the feedback and support everyone gave the event in 2015, we’re looking forward to bringing you an even better show than last year. In 2015 it was really important to us to get a big variety of participants on stage to help convey the spectrum of exciting stuff happening on PC, but an inevitable effect of that was that we ran quite long.

This year’s show will be more focused, but packed with tons of new announcements and exclusive reveals.”