The Sci-Fi thriller “The Surge” from Deck 13 gets first awesome screenshots

Deck 13 has released with just concept art for their upcoming Sci-Fi version of Lords of the Fallen. The Surge now has two rather promising looking in-game screenshots.


the surge


The Surge is the second game from Deck 13 and is going to be a similar open-world survival type perspective game. It’s set 60-70 years into the future when technologies are turned up against us. You’ll get to utilize an exo-suit, which upgrades can be crafted for it to suit your play-style. It’s not necessarily a military shooter, but you can certainly go in that direction.


the surge 2


Also you’ll be able to harvest the technologies of your enemies and recycle it into parts for your suit, upgrading them to better for survive and take on the various challenges in the world. And like Lords of the Fallen, it’s likely to be very difficult.