The Sensel Morph New Way To Interact With Digital World

The Sensel Morph offers a new generation of multi-touch interaction, powered by our Pressure Grid technology, in the form of an input device that allows people to interact with computers and programs in a whole new way.


Beneath the smooth outer surface of the device are approximately 20,000 individual sensor elements at a spacing of 1.25mm. Which they call “sensels” for short, which is the name of the company. With its high dynamic range of force sensitivity, The Sensel Morph can detect anything from fingers to paintbrush or a drumstick.

The Sensel Morph works with many application, it also hackable. You can connect it with your computer via USB, with iPAD via Bluetooth or Arduino via developer cables.

The Sensel Morph enable new ways of interaction with digital devices and allow Morph users to unleash new possibilities in the worlds of music, art, gaming (cue Buzz Lightyear), and beyond!


You can use various Overlays, all which are automatically detected, for each supported use case. The Overlays are optional “physical apps” made of a thin, flexible layer that you can place over the device to provide a visual “map” and tactile feedback for each mode’s unique functionality. Imagine having your art table, music production controller, QWERTY keyboard, piano, video game controller (and anything else your mind can fathom) all in one device.


Currently this amazing device is funding through Kickstarter already funded $408,171, estimated delivery December 2015

You can check this project here