The upcoming Battlefield could get the feature of co-op gameplay : DICE LA studio

We are badly known that EA DICE is working hard on the upcoming new Battlefield but we aren’t sure that which title of Battlefield we’ll get. Maybe it will be something like Battlefield 5 otherwise some different like Battlefield: Bad Company 3?




Well, the good news is earlier of this month DICE’s developing director DAN VADERLIND tweet that : “Now that we’ve shipped Battlefront and a part of the team continues to work on it, I am moving on to another project, the next Battlefield“. This was exciting news on its own, with EA CEO Andrew Wilson adding “I have no doubt that DICE LA will be building their game at some point, because it’s a really, really passionate group of people“.


DICE LA is looking for some designers to hiring them for both a singleplayer and multiplayer level design. The LA-based studio is also looking for a senior technical animator, a senior lighter and a senior concept artist. DICE LA is also trying to hire some candidates to “Push quality to the next level for an unannounced AAA title”. While it doesn’t specifically state that it’s a upcoming Battlefield game, we have to confidence that it is.


DICE LA is trying to hire someone who is with “2+ years of experience in the design of levels within multiplayer or co-op titles“. Now, a cooperative Battlefield game would be quite good – especially if it does turn out to be Bad Company 3.