Thermaltake Introduce its Sandia-inspired Engine 27 1U Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Back in 2011, we saw the Sandia CPU cooler concept, now Thermaltake takes a few design cues, and launched the Engine 27, a low-profile CPU cooler with the heatsink-impeller design. The Engine 27’s design involves a metal heatsink base that makes contact with the CPU, which conveys heat to a motorized fan-shaped moving heatsink suspended along an axle and conductive lubricant. The rotation of this moving heatsink dissipates heat. Thermaltake also improve the design with the base-plate a static aluminium channel heatsink of its own, so it can despite some additional heat.

thermaltake-engine-27-1 thermaltake-engine-27-2

The Thermaltake named the cooler Engine 27 (meets 1U standard) because of its 27 mm height and the core look like a jet engine. The cooler measuring 27 mm x 91.5 mm x 91.5 mm (HxWxD), and its weighs about 310g. Thermaltake claiming the cooler only produce 13-25 dBA noise depending on its speed range of 1500-2500 RPM and powered by a 4-pin PWM fan connector. The Thermaltake Engine 27 will support LGA115x sockets (LGA1156/LGA1155/LGA1151/LGA1150). No pricing has been announced.

thermaltake-engine-27-3 thermaltake-engine-27-4 thermaltake-engine-27-5