Thermaltake New TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem with TT AI Voice Control

Thermaltake, a leading brand in chassis, power supply units and cooling markets, is thrilled to launch TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem along with TT AI Voice Control, synchronizing all your gaming station color theme with your voice. TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem is the intelligent lighting system for PCs that combines the most advanced addressable LED lighting with TT AI Voice Control and the patented TT RGB PLUS Software.
Thermaltake New TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem with TT AI Voice ControlTT RGB PLUS ecosystem provides unlimited possibilities for color play, light synchronization for games, music, CPU temperatures and other TT RGB PLUS products: Riing Plus LED RGB Radiator Fan Series, Pacific W4 Plus CPU Waterblock, Pacific V-GTX 1080Ti Plus Transparent GPU Waterblock Series, Pacific PR22-D5 Plus Reservoir/Pump Combo, Pacific RL360 Plus RGB Radiator and Pacific Lumi Plus LED Strips.

No matter which compatible product you choose, the voice control function makes the lights easy to set up and control. Once you have connected TT RGB PLUS App with the TT RGB PLUS Software through your local Wi-Fi network, you can ask the app to turn the lights on or off, switch light modes, dim the lights, change light colors, or adjust light speeds or fan speeds.

TT AI Voice Control is currently only available for iOS devices, and requires the TT RGB PLUS Software 1.1.5 version or later. The updated app is now available on the Apple App Store, and will be released on Google Play soon. The latest TT RGB PLUS Software is open now for download from the Thermaltake official website.

Features of Thermaltake TT AI Voice Control:

Say “Hello TT” – TT AI Voice Control
Talking to the TT RGB PLUS App is an easier, faster way to control the lights in your systems. You can ask it to turn the lights on or off, switch lights modes, dim the lights, change light colors, or adjust lights speeds or fan speeds. Just say “Hello TT”.Thermaltake New TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem with TT AI Voice ControlFeatures of Thermaltake’s Patented TT RGB PLUS Software:

Light Modes
Bright up every moment perfectly with over 10 present lighting effects. You are also given 3 “Color Modes” (RGB, Single and Off), and 4 “Light Speeds” (Extreme, Fast, Normal and Slow) to choose from.

Make your CPU temperature visible, and easy to track. The software has an integrated temperature sensor that detects and displays changes in CPU temperature in real-time. The built-in LEDs offer an additional visual cue. The color corresponds to the temperature, ranging from blue (CPU temperature ≦ 40℃) to Red (CPU temperature ≧ 65℃).

Sound Control 
Sync lights with in-game actions, your favorite music or movies, and see how they react to the beat.

Color Palette
Set the right ambience for your rig by using the color palette, or entering the decimal color code. You can also dim your lights, and let each built-in LED display a specific color.

Fan Alert
The software offers real-time fan warning alerts when performance operating issues have emerged.

Fan Speeds
Simply drag the slider bar to adjust your fan speed RPM, or use the preset fan modes to switch between ‘Silent Mode’ and ‘Performance Mode’. Besides running at the optimal RPM range, you can customize the speed by disabling PWM.

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