Threadripper has been de-llided, revealing AMD using 4 CPU Dies and they are soldered

The famous Overclocker Der8auer has de-lidded the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X CPUs in a recent video, proving once and for all that AMD’s new Ryzen Threadripper series CPUs are soldered.

This means that AMD’s Threadripper CPUs should not be de-lidded by consumers, as it will most likely result in a dead CPU and at best will only result in a minimal change in idle/load temperatures. Der8auer killed his CPU during the de-lidding process, showing that even a world renowned de-lliding expert will have difficulty with Threadripper.

After de-lidding, Der8auer discover that Ryzen Threadripper uses 4 total CPU dies, creating some confusion on AMD’s core CPU configurations. In theory, Ryzen Threadripper is supposed to be two 8-core dies working together, though this setup shows that there are either two inactive CPU dies in this setup or that this setup is running with all four Dies with 4 CPU cores active in each. But, Der8auer did reach to AMD, and they stated that Threadripper has only two active CPU dies, though this will have to be confirmed by end users at a later date. From the looks of it, Threadripper has the same socket layout as Naples, leading us to believe that Threadripper may be made from salvaged from defective Naples/EPYC CPUs.

Another significant discovery was AMD using GOLD plating on the CPU IHS (integrated heat spreader) for better thermal conductivity and with the use of soldered makes de-lidded the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper is unnecessary. Where’s Intel still using thermal compound/paste in their modern consumer processor and their thermal conductivity is not sufficient, especially when overclocking. The quad CPU dies also bring some speculation that AMD might launch 32 core variant of Threadripper in future?