Titanfall 2 singleplayer 4K gameplay footage

Titanfall 2’s singleplayer 4K gameplay has been released, showcasing some exciting new Titan weapons and new inactive human-titan co-operative play.

titanfall-2 campaign

In Titanfall 2 singleplayer will be the story of the bond between man and machine, as both fights for survival as the war rages on almost two years after the events of Titanfall. In the singleplayer campaign, the player will fight as a member of the militia, a pilot who must travel through the hostile world of Typhoon, facing deadly wildlife and occupying forces of the IMC.

Titanfall is two games in one that are carefully balanced – agile Pilots and powerful Titans.

This led to an interesting narrative question: what is the relationship between a Pilot and a Titan? Where can we go with that? It was from these questions that Titanfall 2’s single player campaign really began to take shape.

Titanfall 2 will release on October 28th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.