Underwater structures discovered in Fallout 4

When the hidden Harpoon Gun of Fallout 4 was discovered, we said that its for an Underwater DLC could be coming into the game. Now the Underwater lights and Structures have been found, and some properly detailed on landscapes.

Underwater structures discovered in Fallout 4

The Redditor FiveStarFacial had decided while adventuring that he would drop down into the ocean and start walking to find out about himself, if he could discover anything exotic, which is that he indeed found, discovering detailed coral reefs and even structures.

Underwater structures discovered in Fallout 4

As we all know that the game has a breathe underwater perk & a hidden Harpoon gun weapon, which is suggested that the game was always dedicated to have an underwater city or any kind of underwater equipment, which was either dedicated as a DLC or cut from the main game.

Below those pictures you can see that the world under the sea, which is amazingly detailed with full of colour in some places and is certainly more beautiful than some of the environments above the ground.

At the last stage of the journey we found some working lighting & structures but bad news is there are no doors or any other entrance could be found. The question is why the underwater locations in the game has this type details when the game has no motive to takes you there & the purpose of these underwater structures.

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At this moment it remains to be seen whether or not underwater content will be made available for Fallout 4 at a later date through DLC or not, but we are almost certain that this was Bethesda’s motivation at some point during the development of games. Why have a graphically detailed breathe underwater perk or ocean floor if you are not going to use in by some way?