Unigine Superposition Benchmark not qualified to sell on Steam

Unigine’s brand new Superposition benchmark, which was scheduled for a late 2016 launch but still hasn’t released yet, but it won’t be coming to your common PC gaming platform of choice: Steam.

Apparently, not selling their new benchmark on Steam isn’t a choice made by Unigine itself; instead, the “Superposition” benchmark has actually been locked from entering Steam’s catalog on account of it not being “suitable” for their Greenlight initiative. And this comes on the toes of the benchmark having recently achieved the status of number one application on Greenlight – not an easy thing to do, considering a number of applications that vie for that spot.

Unigine is one of the most recognizable PC benchmarking, with their products always occupying a particular place on any benchmark suite, due to both their ability to bring even the most powerful hardware to its knees and looking beautiful while doing so. Their Heaven and Valley benchmarks are very popular.

The new Superposition, however, will be based on a revamped engine, the Unigine 2 Engine, bringing with it support for DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.5 and later, as well a dedicated VR mode compatible with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The Superposition benchmark will also include a GPU cooling stress test, designed to test your graphic card’s stability at high operating temperatures, as well as your cooling solutions’ ability to check the operating temperatures on your GPU of choice. The benchmark will support both Windows and Linux operating system.