Valve confirms that more affordable SteamVR headsets are on the way

SteamVR and its OpenVR API is designed to be an open standard to utilized by a variety of users and companies, though until now HTC’s Vive headset has been the only headset on the market to use both the OpenVR API and Steam’s SteamVR/Lighthouse tracking technology.

Valve’s Joe Ludwig has confirmed that over 500 companies have signed up to use Valve’s Lighthouse motion tracking technology, with some of these companies working on their own HMDs. Which means that in the near future we may see a variety of VR headsets which utilize the same tracking technology and can be used with the same collection of VR accessories, which is a great thing for PC gamers.

Valve also announced that soon they will be creating a new production line for their SteamVR/HTC Vive Base Stations, which will utilize a new design which will provide the same level of accuracy but with much lower manufacturing costs. So once these new VR headsets in production the price of the HTC Vive and future SteamVR headsets could be decreased quite a bit, and more people can afford it.

SOURCEJoe Ludwig - Valve