Vega GPU spotted at CES 2017

An AMD Vega GPU has been showcased at CES 2017, confirming that the GPU has two HBM memory stacks and a die size of around 520-540mm². Which means AMD’s Vega 10 GPU similar in size to AMD’s older R9 Fury X GPU, which was 596mm² in size and significantly larger than Polaris 10 which was 232mm² in size. Also, two HBM2 memory stacks indicate a maximum memory capacity of 16GB.

The HBM2 memory sued in Vega 10 will have 512GB/s of memory bandwidth, which is much higher than NVIDIA’s GDDR5X memory. As of now, we do not know when AMD plans on releasing Vega to the market, though we can expect it to be launch in Q1 2017.