‘We Will Hunt You Down’, Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Declares War Against ISIS

The hacker group Anonymous has reportedly declared war against the terrorist group ISIS, vowing revenge against the Islamic State following the recent terror attacks in Paris. “The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger”.


The hacker group posted a video on YouTube, openly warning the militants that it would use its knowledge to “unite humanity” and that the ISIS can “expect us (coming)”.


On the Saturday following the brutal attacks that saw more than 129 people murdered, ISIS took responsibility for the wave of terror that swept over the city of Paris. President François Hollande then confirmed the Islamic State’s involvement. The terrorist group boasted that this wast just “the first of the storm” and called Paris a “capital of prostitution and obscenity.”


Anonymous has now stood up to promise retribution, and has already begun wreaking havoc across the Islamic State’s online network as part of the #OpParis campaign. “These attacks cannot be left unpunished. That’s why Anonymous worldwide will track you,” a recent Anonymous video proclaimed. “Yes, we are going to track you down, like we have since the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Wait, then, for a massive response from Anonymous. Know that we will find you, and we will hold nothing back.”