What Will Change From The Battlefield 1 Open Beta Feedback

As we know Battlefield 1 Open Beta was the biggest Beta in EA’s history, and during this beta test there are many bug reported, and all the feedback has listened carefully.

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Daniel Berlin, the Lead World Designer on Battlefield 1, today posted what kind of changes they are making to the game and what to expect from the final version.

Well, first off I’d like to talk to you about the Conquest game mode. When we build a new Battlefield game it’s important for us to try new things, we want to stay fresh and renew the franchise with each new installment. However, it’s equally as important that we take the feedback that you, the community, are giving us. That is why we’re going to be making changes to the Conquest game mode ticket system for launch. The next time you play the game, capturing the objectives AND getting kills will both contribute towards the final score of a Conquest match. You have spoken, we have listened!

We have also been monitoring and listening to your comments in regards to the Rush game mode. It’s super exciting for us to bring back Rush for Battlefield 1, and we are aiming to make it the best Rush experience to date. We are making tweaks to the game mode as we speak with your feedback as the backbone to the entire process.

We’re also looking into balancing other elements, including the weapons and vehicles. The Light Tank, which is a bit too effective in the Open Beta, will definitely receive some work, and we agree that Horses can take a few too many rounds at the moment. We’ve also learned through the Beta that you guys need more tools to deal with vehicles earlier, which we’ll definitely look into (including a Gadget for the Support class which should help neutralize powerful vehicles).

A quick summary

Changes to the ticket system of Conquest game mode, capturing the objectives and kills both contribute to the final score.

  1. The Rush mode will be tweaked to make it a better experience.
  2. The Light Tanks effectiveness will be a trend down to make the balance.
  3. The Horses health will be fixed, so it takes fewer rounds to kill it.
  4. The infantry will get more tools to deal with vehicles and Support class will get gadgets to neutralize heavy vehicles.