Windows 10 Beating SteamOS In Game Performance

Long waited Steam Machines finally available, which powered by Valve’s SteamOS. But we might be aspect to much from it, as new results showing that its performance is under-powered compered to Windows 10.

The people over Ars Technica has published a new tech demo, which showed Windows 10 go head-to-head with Valve’s SteamOS. As the result shows in gaming benchmarks Windows 10 completely dominated over the Linux based SteamOS.

Windows 10 Beating SteamOS In Game Performance Windows 10 Beating SteamOS In Game Performance Windows 10 Beating SteamOS In Game Performance

The test conduct with Shadows of Mordor running on Ultra settings at 1792×1120 resolution, SteamOS maintained gives only 14.6 FPS, with Windows 10 manage to stay at 34.5 FPS. On Low settings for the same game, SteamOS runs at 61 FPS whereas Windows 10 hits 95.5 FPS. Benchmarks for Metro: Last Light were more of the same. With Metro running at 2560×1600 resolution with minimum presets, SteamOS hit 40 FPS with Windows 10 comes around 50.5 FPS. Even Valve’s own first-party games Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2 and Portal suffered to catch Windows 10, only the Left 4 Dead 2 that SteamOs stand toe-to-toe with Windows 10, with the former hitting 49.1 against the latter’s 50.1 at 2560×1600 resolution at max settings.

Ars Technica used a dual-boot mini-ITX PC with both SteamOS and Windows 10, most likely to simulate a Steam Machine. As such the rig’s specs were lower-end, and consist of a dual-core Intel Pentium G3220 at 3.0GHz, a Zotac GeForce GTX660 with 2GB VRAM, 8GB DDR3-1600 RAM, and a MSI H81I mini-ITX motherboard.

Valve’s new SteamOS and Steam Machines are quite new compered to long going Windows so it will take some time, also SteamOS is in its first release and should get some very big upgrades, optimizations. But DirectX 12 is on the horizon, however, and Microsoft’s new API could push the performance for both OS, it may give Windows 10’s even more favor.


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