XFX unveils fanless version RX 460 4G Graphics

XFX has unveiled a new fanless variant of RX 460 GPU, offering 4GB of VRAM and low operating temperatures without any fan.
XFX fanless RX 460 4G 2

Without a fan, the GPU is expected to have idle temperatures of around 33 degrees and load temperatures of 62 degrees, which quite a decent temp and making this GPU cool and completely silent, though load temperatures may be higher or lower depending on your case internal airflow.

XFX fanless RX 460 4G 1

Other that the cooler the card has same specs as standard AMD’s Polaris 11 GPUs and does not require more than 75W of power provided by the PCIe express slot of the motherboard.

XFX fanless RX 460 4G 3

As of now, we do not know if this GPU will be availability or pricing.