Zen APU featuring HBM with 128GB/s bandwidth and larger on-board GPU spotted

AMD’s higher up graphics engineers Mike Mantor has revealed a new Zen APU with some new information. The Zen APU featuring a next generation fully memory coherent interconnect, dubbed Onion3 capable of 50GB/S of total bandwidth. The new chip fabric is based on the evolution of the AMD coherent memory technology in Carrizo which was first shows on Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE’s interconnects. The illustration also makes mention of “more CUs” referring to graphics compute units, which means Zen APUs will feature larger and more powerful.


Also the Zen APU will feature HBM memory with 128GB/S of bandwidth, Zen APUs were said to come in 2017, but this new information’s means plans may have changed and they could arrive sooner.