Zero Latency’s VR Gaming, Your Mind Believes It’s Real

Zero Latency’s VR gaming build compete virtual experience in Melbourne, Australia. This setup comprised of an open 400 square meter room, which is specifically designed for six-players to move freely in the room. In there every player has their own gear comprised an Oculus Rift DK2 headset with an Alienware Alpha PC in a backpack,  for controller they have the wireless plastic gun and Body movement is tracked by sensors outfitted on the Rift and the gun. The movement is tracker almost smeller to Sony’s PlayStation Movement track.

Zero Latency's VR Gaming, Your Mind Believes It’s Real Zero Latency's VR Gaming, Your Mind Believes It’s Real

In the YouTube video description company describe it like this “Zero Latency VR. Come and experience the future of immersive gaming. In Melbourne, Australia. Imagine a game that doesn’t feel like a game. Where your body is the controller. And your mind believes it’s real. The digital and real world meshed seamlessly together, to transport you inside the virtual like never before. When you move, the game moves with you. Pure immersive mayhem with the freedom to get up and go.”

For the games they have zombie Sim for now, but it’s just the beginning and as the time there will be a huge collection of games will available. I just can’t imagine to play shooters games like Battlefield 4 or CSGO with teammates in virtualized spaces. The most amazing aspects of Zero Latency is being able to run around freely in the game.

Zero Latency's VR Gaming, Your Mind Believes It’s Real

You may think this will be useless, because player will walking into a wall or clashing with your teammates when trying to sprint away in game. But Zero Latency has it covered, they have “in-game safety mechanisms to stop that happening” which is awesome.