Zuckerberg Going to Giveaway 99% of Facebook Share To Charity

After arriving baby girl Max on tuesday Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan decided to donate their 99% of facebook share to a charity.


This huge quantity of shares worth of $45 billion and decided to give to the Chan Zuckerberg initiative. This new born charity which has “the mission of advancing human potential and promoting equality” will be lead by the Zuckerberg himself which is set to worth of huge $3 billion by 2018.

The gurdian posted a report from facebook which is

“[D]uring his lifetime, he will gift or otherwise direct substantially all of his shares of Facebook stock, or the net after-tax proceeds from sales of such shares, to further the mission of advancing human potential and promoting equality by means of philanthropic, public advocacy, and other activities for the public good.”